Dollar Delivery Services

Dollar Delivery

Dollar Delivery Services


An unbeatable value and incredible service for today’s busy lifestyles! 

Since the early 1950’s, Hempy Water Conditioning has been recognized for its old fashioned customer service.  Over the years we have strived to find new and better ways to offer maximum value to our loyal clients.    This includes HEMPY Water’s unique Dollar Delivery program where, if you call us for a delivery and decide to order multiple items, we will deliver your product on our next scheduled route each extra item for ONLY $1 extra

Delivery Routes:

Our customers live in a big area.  If you request multiple items and we are able to schedule them on our regularly planned routes (as opposed to driving 30 miles for 2  items), we will pass those savings DIRECTLY to YOU. ONLY $1 more for each item on any delivery after the first item! How it works.

Example 1: A 5 gallon bottle of Spring Water, when picked up directly from one of our retail stores, costs $4.50.  We can deliver your water to your door and only pay $1.00 extra for a total of $5.50 as long as you order more than on item at a time.

Example 2: 4 Bags of 40lb. DuraCube salt retail for $5.63 plus tax, when picked up at one of our stores. With our Dollar Delivery Service, we will not only bring it to your door, we will even put it in your softener for only $1 extra which makes it $6.63 plus tax per bag. 

Dollar Delivery is an unbeatable value and service.

For more information our service and delivery, please call us at 419-273-2531 (Forest), 419-529-4002 (Mansfield) or 419-448-8885 (Tiffin).


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