Residential/Commercial Salt Delivery

Hempy Water Conditioning carries three kinds of salt for water softeners. Prosoft compacted salt cubes are 99.8% pure salt and are virtually 100% water-soluble. Our cubes are not pressed formed and glued together. This mean you will have less brine tank clean outs and water softeners will operate longer at peak efficiency which results in better resin maintenance for better softening operation. This premium quality salt is exclusively available through professional water treatment dealers in 80#, 50#, and 40# bags, in any quantity you desire. Our K-Life salt is a potassium salt substitute for sodium based salt and is available in 40# bags. This product is for those on a low sodium diet.

No need to handle those heavy salt bags anymore!

Salt may be picked up or delivered in any quantity you desire. If we have access to your home, we can deliver the salt right to the softener. The salt tank will be filled and empty bags removed. If this is not possible, we can leave salt at your residence, anywhere directed by you.

ProSoft Compacted Salt Cubes

Hard and Pure

Our Prosoft compacted salt cubes help keep water softeners working at peak performance and extend the life of your plumbing and appliances. Our cubes are evaporated for extra hardness to help eliminate bridging and mushing in your salt tank. Our Prosoft Regular cubes are certified to NSF/ANSI60 for our commercial customers and public water supplies.

Rust Buster

If you have iron in your water, Rust Buster pellets are the perfect solution. This salt has a patented rust-fighting additive impregnated into the cube helping prevent iron and rust discoloration on sinks, dishes, tubs, toilets, and laundry.


Sodium free K-Life water softening pellets are a healthy alternative to traditional salt pellets. K-Life is 99.8% pure potassium chloride. Potassium is one of the most essential nutrients for good health. Many people who are instructed by their doctors to maintain a salt-free diet turn to K-Life as an alternative to regular pellet salt.

Pickup is also available at all of our offices at 505 Smith St. in Forest, 4148B Park Avenue West, Mansfield, or at 227 South Washington St. in Tiffin, M-F 8-5 and Sat. 9-12.

For more information on our salt delivery services, please call us at 419-273-2531 (Forest), 419-529-4002 (Mansfield) or 419-448-8885 (Tiffin).


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