Sulfur Treatment

Sulfur Treatment

Sulfur is a yellowish solid chemical element. Sulfur water is a water containing objective amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas, which causes an offensive “rotten egg” or “skunky” odor. Hydrogen sulfide, also known as sulfur, is a corrosive and flammable gas often found dissolved in well water in our area. Hydrogen sulfide develops from decaying organic matter, from sulfate reducing bacteria and from petroleum refining. The odor is present when you open the spigot because the gas is being oxidized by the oxygen in the air. There are several ways to remove sulfur. We have found the most effective form of treatment is using our hydrogen peroxide system. This system is easily dialed in for your level of sulfur. We use hydrogen peroxide to effectively treat various levels of sulfur.

Advantages of using hydrogen peroxide for sulfur removal:

  1. Low maintenance system. Virtually eliminates scaling or plugging of the water lines or injection points.
  2. Requires a peristaltic feed pump that eliminates “loss of prime” associated with diaphragm feed pumps.
  3. Potential oxidant 28 times greater than chlorine, therefore virtually eliminating the need for retention (contact) tanks. Save money and space!
  4. Peroxide has a greater oxidant potential than potassium permanganate with no purple mess.
  5. Peroxide does not produce disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THM’s) often associated with chlorine.
  6. Eliminates low flow rates associated with “venture” type air injection systems. New homes with multiple bathrooms require higher flow rates.
  7. Eliminates the possibility of slime buildup often associated with air injection or aeration type systems.
  8. Low concentrations of peroxide have no odor and are not flammable.

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