By Jeff Knedler – President Hempy Water Conditioning

Water Problem: Chlorine

Chlorine can make water smell and taste bad. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is commonly used as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies to manage bacteria levels. Chlorine in drinking water will kill other potentially harmful organisms that seep into lakes, rivers, streams and ground water.

Chlorine, even at acceptable levels, can contribute to dry eyes and skin irritation as well as make conditions such as eczema worse.

Hempy Water Solution: ERR 3700 | ETF-2300 Carbon Filter | ERO 375

The EcoWater ERR 3700 combines the benefits of softening with a layer of carbon to remove chlorine from municipal or city water supplies. When chlorine removal is the sole concern, the ETF 2300 carbon filter is an ideal choice for the whole house. For drinking and cooking only solution, e.g. kitchen, ice maker and wet bars, the EcoWater ERO 375 is the best option.