By Jeff Knedler – President Hempy Water Conditioning

Ohio has distinct water problems. I intend to cover the problem, cause and best solution based on 60 years of expertise passed down through three generations of Hempy successfully treating water in our state. This will be the first in a series you will be able to reference and use to be a better informed consumer.

Most municipal supplies “City Water” are extremely hard and many have high levels of chlorine. Some areas also have objectionable taste and odor. If you have your own well system, your problems may be more widespread. Most wells have considerable hardness and high levels of iron. Some also contain dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulfide as well as tannins, high levels of total dissolved solids and other problems. The top 5 problems in our state are:

1. Iron Staining
2. Sulphur Odor
3. Hardness issues
4. Slime in the water (bacteria)
5. Chlorine in the water

The following details both the problem and the Hempy Water Conditioning Solution.

Water Problem: Iron Staining

Iron water is created when ground water passes through iron-bearing rocks. Because iron accounts for 5% of the earth’s crust, it can be found in just about all types of water supplies. Iron has the tendency to leave stains on sinks; tubs, toilets, clothing and linens, or it can form scale and clog plumbing and water using appliances. It can make the water turn color, smell and taste bad.

The Hempy Water Solution: ECR 3700 | EWS 5070 | ETF-2300 Iron Filter | ETF AllF Air Injection Filter

Iron comes in various forms and the key to successful removal is analyzing which form is present and applying the right equipment. The EcoWater ECR 3700 is rated to remove up to 12 ppm of clear water iron however in some local areas iron is even more severe and an EcoWater EWS 5070 is rated to removed up to 20 ppm of clear water iron. If iron is in the oxidized form a simple cartridge filter ahead of the softener may do the job. When greater filtration is required, a full line of backwashable filters are available. Oxidizing filters and chemical free air injection filters are also available for specific applications. If the iron has bonded with microorganisms and become bacterial iron, a chlorination system may be required for effective removal.

To be continued on Ohio’s Top 5 Water Problems Part 2