By Jeff Knedler – President Hempy Water Conditioning

Water Problem: Sulphur Odor from Sulphur Gas

Dissolved gas can cause cloudiness and bad odors in water. It can also cause pipes to hammer and spit gas and water when the faucet is opened. Hydrogen sulfide gas (commonly referred to as Sulphur) smells like rotten eggs and is occasionally present in underground aquifers. These gases can be corrosive to plumbing systems, leave greasy black residue and cause wear on valves, seats and washers. Rotten egg odor can also occur when sulphur-reducing bacteria are present in the well.

Hempy Water Solution: ETF-2300 Carbon Filter | Chlorination System | Cartridge Filter

Occasionally, a rotten egg odor is only present in the hot water. If this is the case, the problem may be simply fixed by servicing your hot water heater. When present in the cold water, a test is needed to determine the concentration of sulphur gas and the type of treatment necessary for its elimination. In some cases a cartridge filter or backwashing carbon filter will handle it, however stronger concentrations may require oxidation with an oxidizing filter or a chlorination system. Hempy Water also has a chemical free solution to sulphur reduction that may work for you. In the instance of sulphur-reducing bacteria, a chlorination system is the best solution.

To be continued on “Ohio’s Top 5 Water Problems Part 3”