By Jeff Knedler – President Hempy Water Conditioning

Water Problem: Hardness Issues… Hard Water

Hard water is created when ground water passes through rock formations and picks up calcium and magnesium. Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made up of hardness minerals and soap. This scum collects on shower walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores and makes house cleaning extremely difficult. Hard water deposits also clog pipes, cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and increase the maintenance on water using appliances.

Hempy Water Solution: ECR 3700 | ESD 2502

The EcoWater ECR 3700 will remove the hardness along with clear water iron. One of the most efficient water softeners in the industry, our satisfied customers have reported a significant savings on salt usage. The ESD 2502 is a budget priced alternative that will provide the same great water and efficiencies with fewer advanced features.

To be continued on “Ohio’s Top 5 Water Problems Part 4”