At Hempy Water we pride ourselves for being embedded in our surrounding communities.

We do this through Sponsoring events, Donating Bottled Water, and attending local gatherings. We are actively involved in county fairs, local livestock shows, charity events and much more. We operate on traditional values, making our customers feel as if they were members of our family. This above all is what we pride ourselves in the most!  

2020 Community Event Calendar

Come join us.

    • The situation with the COVID-19 virus continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace. In light of this, our current event calendar will be temporarily offline. Please be safe and healthy.













 We simply care...



Hempy Water Sponsors Ohio Extreme Soccer Team

Hempy Water recognizes the importance of our Ohio community and the impact we can have on individuals and organizations.

We continue to support and sponsors our local events.   

See more photos of our involvement with our communities.