No need to handle those heavy salt bags anymore!


Salt may be picked up or delivered in any quantity you desire. If we have access to your home, we can deliver the salt right to the softener. The salt tank will be filled and empty bags removed. If this is not possible, we can leave salt at your residence, anywhere directed by you.   


Pro's Pick® Dura-Cube®


Our Dura-Cube® salt is uniquely compacted for hardness to prevent mushing and bridging in the brine tank.  This helps to keep your softener clean and trouble-free. 

Pro's Pick® Red-Out® Dura-Cube®


This premium purity water softener salt contains up to 99.8% pure salt.  It is formulated for use when iron content in water is high.  100% water soluble and it minimize buildup in your brine tank to keep your water softening unit running smoothly.   



Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt


Diamond Crystal® water softener salt helps remove minerals from hard water, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and even barium.  You will have soft, bright towles, shiny dishes, and longer pipe and appliance life.

We also carry Winter Melt® Ice Melt Salt made with real salt which melts more ice in temperatures as low as 5 °F / -15 °C.  A cost effective way to maintain your driveways, sidewalks and walkways on icy, cold days.


The patented 2-handle, 40lb bag makes lifting and carrying easier and the bag is made with 50% recycled material. 

This product is NSF-certified to ensure premium quality and it is recommended for all types of softeners.


Iron Out

If you have iron in your water, Iron Out pellets are the perfect solution. This salt has a patented rust-fighting additive impregnated into the cube helping prevent iron and rust discoloration on sinks, dishes, tubs, toilets, and laundry.


Pickup is also available at all of our offices at 505 Smith St. in Forest, 216 W Main Street, Crestline, 608 E. Main Street, Cridersville, 12336 North Street in Utica or at 227 South Washington St. in Tiffin, Monday to Friday 8 am -5 pm and Saturday 9 am - 12 pm.



Hempy Water is here to help you with all your salt delivery needs. Please call us at 419-273-2531 (Forest), 419-683-5555 (Crestline), 419-448-8885 (Tiffin), 740-745-5885 (Utica) , 419-645-4705 (Cridersville) or 740-745-5885 (Dublin).