Hempy Water Story...A Lifetime of excellence.

Paul Staley  Forest, Ohio
EcoWater Dealer since 1963 

With Paul singularly focused on providing his community with water that is clearer and cleaner than they’ve ever experienced in their lives, and Ruth working in the operation for nearly 40 years, husband, wife and a loyal small staff forged a company that in the 21st century still adheres to those nearly forgotten, almost quaint, old fashion 1950’s values of quality, integrity and commitment. 


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In fact, Hempy Water Conditioning’s tremendous growth and success has been made possible in large part by Paul’s unwavering and unbending commitment, over more than 5 decades, to never compromise and only offer only the highest quality water treatment systems, backed by an unmatched team of knowledgeable, caring, honest, and dependable professionals.



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